Social Media Marketing Tools: Getting Started (Part 2)

  • Use Social Media to Grow Your Business by Listening

Use Social Media to Grow Your Business by ListeningUse Social Media Management Tools to Listen

Many new businesses ask, “How can I grow my Social Media following fast?” The desire to see instant returns and quick growth often leads to some practices which end up hurting your long term business goals with social media. Social Media, like any other business practice needs to be approached carefully and with a goal oriented plan.


The golden rule of social media is to consider your community’s feelings! If you want people to follow your business you have to think about what they get out of clicking “Like” or “Follow”. You might think, “Well, they get information on my new products, which they probably want, and the latest news on sales or discounts!”


While everyone wants to feel like users are out there waiting, salivating, in anticipation of the latest info on their business… In reality that’s like saying, “People who buy TV’s get to watch commercials!”


Imagine walking into Best Buy and the sales man says, “With these new HD televisions you can now see longer, wider, more detailed commercials!” Not only would you not be sold, you very well might walk out the door and avoid that salesman like the plague.


So what is the real reason people will follow your brand? Well, stats suggest that most people DO actually follow brands and expect sales or discounts from the business’ social media. However that’s still a tough sell when trying to create a genuine community around your product. People might retweet a sale, if its really good, but there’s not much to talk about and the half life of a sale is very short.


If you really want to build an amazing community who shares your social networks with their friends you’re going to give them what they want: A business who is not only involved and knowledgeable about their business, but also cares about and listens to its customers!


Use Your Social Med
ia Networks To LISTEN

And how do you do that? Lets say you sell floral arrangements. You live, breath and eat flowers (maybe even literally). You dream about flowers when you sleep and you just can’t stop talking about flowers from the moment you wake up until the moment you fall asleep.  Well guess what- while your target demographic might be weddings planners, funeral homes, and other people who might need floral arrangements that’s now how you’re going to START your community! These people generally don’t care about the details, they just want the flowers! Who is going to become your biggest fans, retweeting, sharing and commenting on everything you say? Gardeners, nursery growers and other people who also eat, sleep and breath flowers!


By targeting users with whom you can have actual conversations you’ll begin to grow your community and your market clout. At THAT point your messages will reach an ever growing audience and now when a bride comes across your social network she’ll see an active discussion of all things flowers- setting YOU up as the expert in the field!


And how do you start these conversations? Do you just blurt out something about flowers? Well, maybe. If someone is following you back they may take the bait- but build lists of people passionate about the same things as your business and then sit back and watch. The more they talk, the more you comment- get the ‘sense’ of your audience, learn their lingo.


The best way to approach a community is from within it.


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