10 Ideas to Boost Your Social Media Presence

By now you probably have a few social media accounts for your business. Chances are some (or all) of them are not getting as much attention as you had hoped. Here are a few tips to help grow your business through social media:

1. Absolutely keep your personal profiles (Facebook, Twitter, blog, etc.) separate from your business. This is one of the easiest ways to help develop your personal brand and it shows potential customers that you are professional.

2. Make sure your business’s Facebook page has a branded icon, cover image and up-to-date, accurate information in the profile section. After you have finished customizing it, change the settings so that users have to “like” your page before they can comment on anything.

3. After they “like” your Facebook page, include a link to your site and, if you have one, the sign up form for your email newsletter. This, along with your contact information, should be clearly displayed at the top of your Facebook site in the “About” section.

4. Make good use of newer Facebook functions like “contests” and “offers,” which are currently in beta testing phase. You can also use a wide variety of external apps that are often free and can easily be integrated into your page. Have a contest to name the product or simply ask for feedback. Give a free or percentage off coupon. Make these deals exclusive to Facebook.

5. Make your Facebook page as graphic-oriented as possible. Post pictures of yourself and coworkers hard at work, your work space and your products/service in action. Give photos and description of new products/services you are considering.

6. Do you routinely connect with other businesses? See if they have social media sites and offer to do some cross-promotion. Find a joint way for your Facebook/Twitter fans to follow their business and vice versa. Share some of their deals and have them share yours. This is essentially word-of-mouth advertising, something their loyal customers will trust more than a random internet or social media ad.

7. Do the same thing with your Twitter account that you have done to customize your Facebook account – share similar images, logos and information. If you pay more attention to one of these two social media sites, you can set them up to share with one another through free apps, so, for example, every time you post on Twitter, it will mirror to Facebook.

8. Also link your website to your Twitter page. Share your site information in your Twitter “info” section and regularly link back to relevant information on your site (or your site’s blog).

9. Though Twitter is not as image-friendly as Facebook, you can still post shortened links to images or make more personal posts that get your personality across and allow current and potential customers to get to know you. Interact with your Twitter followers – respond to their comments, comment on their tweets and never be afraid to re-tweet relevant or interesting information.

10. When you build up enough followers on Twitter, don’t be afraid to host a live chat. Have a weekly or bi-weekly question and answer session. For example, make it clear you will be available every other Wednesday from 1pm – 4pm. Respond to question, ask your followers what they want from a product/service, etc. Don’t be afraid to initiate conversation.


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